“Choose a Job you Love and You will never have to work a day in your Life” (Confucius)

Let us support your journey…                                                                                          

Licence to Success was formed in July 2012, we offer high quality careers, employability and training support and accurate psychometric careers assessments that really work for our customers. We enable and empower individuals to discover their dream job and achieve work-based happiness, providing clear direction and putting them in control on their pathway to success. 

For individuals: we can offer a fantastic start to achieving a successful career path by completing our Careers Profiling Psychometric Assessment that matches your, personality, careers aspirations and scientifically measures your perceptions – resulting in you understanding the type of jobs ‘you will love’. This is also totally effective assessment for adults needing to check they are suited to their jobs – if you struggle to get up for work, because you are not happy in the job you are doing, then this will be the best decision you will ever make. We also offer other career coaching support programmes and packages that support you on your road to success.

For our Business Customers: we can offer reassurance that their staff are in the right job roles, we have an amazing Careers Profiling Psychometric Assessment, that is not just a 15-minute personality tick test, it is recognised by the Career Development Institute and British Psychological Society. If you are a business that wants to bring out the best in your staff by ensuring you don’t have round pegs in square holes – then this will be perfect for you. Perfect to use as part of a recruitment process to identify that your applicants have the right personality matched to their general reasoning, verbal, numerical and other job related abilities, this will save you time and money by getting it right first time.

We also offer; Management Consultancy Quality Support, including supporting Quality Improvement Awards, Employability Training and Support Programmes and Maintenance Support Services Contracts.

Redundancy support – for support with redundancy situations we offer a first class assessment, training and support package to ensure your employee can make positive and informed progressions.

For our Education and Training Customers: by using our Careers Profiling Psychometric Assessment and accessing: our one to one and group careers and employability workshops, you can be confident that your students are suited to course choice and will progress on to successful careers path. Can help improve retention, achievement and reduce funding costs by ensuring students complete their education and training

About & Education.

 Our team consists of a number of qualified Careers and Support Services Professionals:

Specialties:: Management Consultancy and Support, Quality Improvement, Careers Development, Problem Solving, Experienced Change Agent, Psychometric Assessment and educational, Developing bespoke employability progression and engagement programmes.

Young People’s Career Support 12+

We offer top quality careers guidance for young people from the age of 12 – helping them to consider and identify the different career paths and study options available to them and enabling them to make accurate and informed choices. For those 15+ they would benefit from taking our Psychometric Careers Profiling Assessment, which identifies suitable careers paths and job choices and identifies the most suitable learning approach for them, whether it is academic or work based. They are provided with a detailed profile booklet which will really help provider’s and employers identify that they are really suited to their course or job and easy to use on-line resources to research job areas and labour market information for on-going career management.

With high study costs – this investment will be worth its weight in Gold!