“Understanding yourself is a step towards inner peace, and a step nearer achieving your unfulfilled ambitions”

(Dr Harold Sal)

Careers Profiling

Struggling to know what career, learning pathway or even hobby that would be your perfect match? With our Morrisby careers profiling we can offer you an accurate a tried and tested method of finding success and is recognised by the Career Development Institute and British Psychological Society.


This is not a 15minute tick test and not an exam (so needs no preparation)It scientifically measures your brains perceptions in:Bullt Points  General Reasoning: their way of dealing with new                         problems

Bullt Points  Verbal Ability: their understanding of the meaning of                   everyday words

Bullt Points  Numerical Ability: how they deal with numerical                           information

Bullt Points  Perceptual Ability: how they interpret diagrams

Bullt Points  Spatial Ability: recognises how good they at                                    visualising things in three dimensions

Careers Profiling

Bullt Points  Mechanical Ability: recognises their understanding of simple mechanical ideas Taking your personality and interests into account you are provided with:

Bullt Points  Basic Feedback (at the very least a personal careers guidance is recommended)

Bullt Points  A detailed profile booklet (will really demonstrate and highlight your strengths, skills, abilities and qualities)

Bullt Points  Easy to use on-line resources to research job areas, salaries, courses – practical and/or academic and labour market information for on-going career management.


We deliver all feedback, careers packages and training programmes using motivating and creative strategies and techniques! This careers profiling is perfect if you have any doubts by profiling your skills, abilities perceptions and will enable you to:


Bullt Points  Find and be confident that you choose the perfect career path, training course or even hobby

Bullt Points  Recognise industry specific job opportunities available in the labour market

Bullt Points  Be confident that your personality, interests, skills and abilities are matched to your job choice

Bullt Points  Possess a good understanding of the best learning approach for you!


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