“Tell Me And I Forget; Tech Me And I May Remember; Involve Me And I Will Learn” (The Chinese Confucian philosopher Xunzi)

Employability Training Packages

Here at Licence to Success are passionate about enabling the individuals that we support to understand and achieve lifelong success. We have bespoke employability training packages that will provide you with the tools for success.

We enable and empower you to discover your dream job and achieve work-based happiness, providing you with clear direction and putting you in control on your pathway to success.

As well as employability training packages we also provide one to one coaching and training workshops in the areas listed below. These will provide you with effective techniques and tools that you can use to help you identify and achieve your work based goals and clear steps to get there!

Licence to successful job searching – a variety of approaches and techniques for successful job searching

Bullt Points  Licence to Job Success: enabling you to develop and successful applications

Bullt Points  The Wow Factor: develop a CV that counts

Bullt Points  Winning interview techniques: the interview skills needed to nail that job!

Bullt Points  Barriers Away: deal with the issues preventing success

Bullt Points  A ‘can-do’ approach: positive strategies and techniques

Bullt Points  How can I be sure?: recognise your skills for success

Bullt Points  Turning the curve: for individuals to identify priorities and choose 3 objectives to take forward and achieve within an agreed time

We can also develop bespoke training packages that will help you progress positively towards work-based success

We also offer a CV writing service where will work with you to develop you both targeted and quality CVs – info@licencetosuccess.co.uk