“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

(Maria Robinson) 

Redundancy Support

In this financial climate it seems that redundancy has become part of our natural working lives and it’s why redundancy support is so important

Long gone are the days when you started as an apprentice and went on to stay with the same company for years often most of your working life.

Today redundancy materialises as every job and position is liable to be terminated at any moment.

At Licence to Success we embrace change and feel everything happens for a reason and see this is your chance for a new beginning!

If you don’t have any idea or are confused about what you can do?

We can help you! One way is by completing our careers psychometric assessment, Morrisby.  As part of your redundancy support we also offer one to one information, advice and guidance, as well as group workshops and we can help you identify any retraining.

Or help you:

Bullt Points  Identify and recognise your key strengths, specialist knowledge and
transferable job skills

Bullt Points  Understand what really drives you and recognise a job your love

Bullt Points  Find the best working environment for you

Bullt Points  Unlock & assess your potential to develop in new ways

We develop individual or group packages to suit all budgets and you can pay by agreed payment instalments – e-mail us at info@licencetosuccess.co.uk

When you consider things you spend money on -I think you’ll agree this really is
the best investment that you will ever make!

This is the perfect opportunity to re-discover your perfect career, job, training or even hobby and help you effectively plan and provide you with the resources to manage your careers journey enabling your own Licence to Success – start your Journey NOW!

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