“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

(Maria Robinson)

Redundancy Support

At Licence to Success we provide first Class Redundancy Support for
any employees or clients that you may have that need to make redundancies’ through
strategic re-alignment or cut backs – we offer a supportive assessment and progression
support that will help your employees achieve successful professional goals, enabling them
to leave you fully informed and confident about their next steps.

We understand when a business has to make the decision to re-structure or downsize a
business in order that you can survive! It isn’t all about maximising the companies profits by
off loading staff, it’s difficult having to make tough decisions to make valuable people
redundant within a difficult economic climate. We recognise have made that difficult business decision you still want to help the employees facing redundancy as much as you possible can that’s where we can help.

Our expert team of qualified professionals are gathered from a wide range of industries and
expertise with years of experience working within the Recruitment/HR and Training
industries can help you help those staff who are being made redundant.

Services we can provide to staff members of organisations facing redundancy:

  Careers Psychometric Assessment: perfect for those who
  CV Training & Development Interview Coaching and Workshops
  Embracing Change: increasing motivation and dealing with barriers
  Confidence Coaching: using recognised effective cognitive techniques
  Job Search Support:
  Tailored Follow-up Support

At License to Success we embrace change and feel everything happens for a reason we can
help your employees either with change management techniques including improved
communication and if you don’t have any idea or are confused about what you can do,
you can complete our careers psychometric assessment.

We offer one to one information, advice and guidance, as well as group workshops & can help you identify any retraining or help you:
  Identify and recognise your key strengths, specialist knowledge and transferable job skills
  Understand what really drives you and recognise a job your love
  Find the best working environment for you
  Unlock and assess your potential to develop in new ways

We develop individual or group packages to suit all budgets and you can pay by agreed
payment installments’ – e-mail us at info@licencetosuccess.co.uk

When you consider things you spend money on -I think you’ll agree this really is the best
investment that you will ever make!

This is the perfect opportunity to re-discover your perfect career, job, training or even hobby 

and help you effectively plan and provide you with the resources to manage your careers
journey enabling your own Licence to Success.