“Do not wait; the time will never be “just right.” Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along ”

(Napolean Hill)

Support Services.

Licence to Success offer some excellent fit for purpose professional business and maintenances support services using our own qualified careers, management and HR professionals, as well as using qualified trade professionals for maintenance support.

Professional Job Support Services:

Bullt Points  CVs: to achieve successful job search it is important that you target a CV to suit each job you
apply for, a CV needs to be no longer than 2 pages, professional, clear and precise, it needs to
demonstrate Wow factor and say ‘Pick Me’. Our careers professionals can support you to
develop excellent CVs that are tried and tested and totally successful in today’s recruitment

Bullt Points  Covering Letters: A good covering letter should be clear about what post you are applying
for, also providing a very brief summary specifying what you experience and success you
have that you can bring to this role – demonstrating why they should pick you!

Bullt Points  Job Applications: To get shortlisted you must demonstrate to an employer that you are a
perfect match to the job they have available. Your application needs to cover each of the job
specification requirements, clear concise and attractive to an employer to enable you invited
to an interview,

For any of the above requirements we offer two services one to help and enable you
to develop your own CVs and/or Application documentation, or if you provide us
with the information we can just do it for you

Bullt Points  Interview Presentations: If you are asked to provide a Presentation at your interview, go
well prepared. It is your opportunity to think outside the box and show the interviewers that
you are creative, passionate and know your field. Boring power points just won’t achieve
that – you have one chance so take it!

Bullt Points  Interview Coaching and Advice Services: Once you are invited to interview its vital that
you dress to impress, ensuring you have researched the employing organisation, you must be
well prepared and able to demonstrate that your personality skills, abilities and experience
are the perfect match for the company job vacancy that you are applying for!

Bullt Points  Professional Supervision: Provides an opportunity for consultation on current practice and
debriefing on past practice. Enhancing knowledge and skills through the practice of skills and
discussing pertinent research, whilst providing feedback on job performance, as well as
developing a greater self-awareness. Valuable time is spent on reviewing decisions and
judgments, considering alternative options, recognising subjective elements, and learning
from experiences. The supervisee’s objectives, performance and motivation can be monitored
and improved. Professional ethics are reviewed, practiced, and internalized into daily practice. Supervision provides constructive feedback on past and current performance and assists in setting performance related goals and ensures your staff will work within the required professional boundaries.

For the above services – we can offer you effective one to one support either face to
face, by using Skypesupported by telephone and e-mailproviding you with the
skills and job search techniques needed and enabling you with life long Careers
Management success!

Bullt Points  Work place Mediation and Conflict Resolution: Conflict in the workplace can be very challenging for an employer to deal with.  It is very often as a result of different people with different goals, needs and personality types that have come into conflict.   In a work situation it can create intense personal animosity that can be uncomfortable for colleagues and for management to deal with.

Organisations are increasingly realising the impact of mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution in the work place. People are the key to organisational success and productivity, and negative conflict between individuals or groups of individuals can severely hamper an organisation’s drive for competitive advantage and damage employee well-being.

Work Place Mediation is a process which follows a structure through which an impartial mediator facilitates communication between disputants to enable them to better understand each other and in order for them to reach mutual agreements which will better their future working relationship.

By using mediation in the early stages of a dispute, productive working relationships can be restored for the long term. It has been proven that mediation reduces the amount of sickness absence along with the amount of grievance claims which have led to an employment tribunal.  Mediation provides a significantly cheaper response than the Tribunal which can have immediate financial costs as well as non-financial burdens.

The Tribunal does not resolve systemic problems in the work place. Mediation allows employers to tackle the underlying problems to a dispute thereby assisting them in making organisational changes that can help to prevent long term absence and maintain efficiency and productivity.

Here at Licence to Success we have trained HR and intensive professionals to support you in finding resolution focussed solutions and creating harmonious working atmospheres as part of our support services.

Our process develops:

Bullt Points  Increased understanding discussions to increase individual understanding, resolving conflict expands people’s awareness of the situation, giving them an insight into how they can achieve their own goals without undermining those of other people

Bullt Points  Increased group cohesion once conflict is resolved effectively, team members can develop stronger mutual respect and a renewed faith in their ability to work together.

Bullt Points  Improves self-knowledge: conflict pushes individuals to examine their goals in close detail, helping them understand the things that are most important to them, sharpening their focus, and enhancing their effectiveness.


Please contact us for further information about how our alternative dispute resolution processes could help you.

Maintenance Support Services:

Part of the Licence to Success support services is offering buildings and maintenance
support services. We work with a wide range of trades professionals that we help and
maintenance contract support and find effective solutions ensuring the smooth day to day
running of their property. Our property maintenance services & solutions include all internal aspects of building
maintenance.  We provide the general internal building services required to maintain your premises including:

Bullt Points  Painting & decorating
Bullt Points  General room maintenance
Bullt Points  Internal electrical and Plumbing installations and repairs

We have a bank of satisfied customers that use us regularly to maintain and achieve quality
results – why not join them!

If you are interested in any of the above support services please contact us NOW!


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