“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

(Jack Welch )


We offer our business clients a wide range of bespoke training courses to help your teams
achieve their full business and personal potential.  The best investment that a business can ever make is getting their recruitment, and their learning and development processes right; ensuring that staff teams are really suited; with the skills and personal development needed to be a success in their job role.

Such as:

Bullt Points  Myers Briggs: which helps teams understand each other and their own personality type
enabling them to work harmoniously together.

Bullt Points  Turning the business Curve: is an effective workshop that can help develop team priorities,
responsible staff and appropriate timescales. 

Bullt Points  Employability & Skills Development workshops: can  support with staff progression, by dealing with barriers and attitude, providing approaches and strategies to get the best out of individuals – using recognised and effective training techniques.

Bullt Points  Barriers Away: successful communication techniques that helps individuals learn how to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues  and as well as becoming more self aware.

Bullt Points  Conflict Management: our qualified HR professionals help resolve personality conflict within
your teams – helping create perfect team harmony

Bullt Points  Top Quality Redundancy Support – where you need to make redundancies’ through strategic
re-alignment or cut backs – we offer a supportive assessment and progression support that
will help your employees achieve successful professional goals that they will enjoy and be
suited to.  For additional information – Redundancy Support

What ever your training needs our professionals can help you analyse and access your staffs potential
and develop bespoke training programmes that will put your organisation on the pathway to

For more information & how to book: info@licencetosuccess.co.uk