“Choose a Job you Love and You will never have to work a day in your Life” (Confucius)


Here at Licence to Success we are passionate about enabling the individuals that we support to understand and achieve lifelong success.

We enable and empower you to discover your dream job and achieve work-based happiness, providing you with clear direction and putting you in control on your pathway to success.

We provide one to one coaching and training workshops in the areas listed below. These will provide you with effective techniques and tools that you can use to help you identify and achieve your work based goals and clear steps to get there!

* Licence to successful job searching – a variety of approaches and techniques for successful job searching

* Get that job – successful applications

* Wow factor – develop a CV that counts

* Winning interview techniques – the interview skills needed to nail that job!

* Barriers away – deal with the issues preventing success

* A ‘can-do’ approach – positive strategies and techniques

* How can I be sure? – recognise your skills for success

* Turning the curve – for individuals to identify priorities and choose 3 objectives to take forward and achieve within an agreed time

* Turning the business curve – staff teams identify team priorities and choose 3 objectives to take forward and achieve within an agreed time

We can also develop bespoke training packages that will help you or your staff progress positively towards work based success

For employers wanting effective support with staff undergoing redundancy – we offer a range of support activities and our Qualified Careers Professionals can help your staff make informed choices and successful progressions. Our Psychometric Careers Profiling Assessment is a perfect starting point for this and we can offer very reasonable group rates.

A Careers Profiling Psychometric Assessment that matches your personality, career aspirations and scientifically measures your perceptions, enabling you to understand the type of jobs ‘you will love’

The ‘Careers Profiling Psychometric Assessment’ – will provide you with the knowledge and tools to effectively manage your own career path – throughout your life!

A tried and tested method of achieving success in your students career development – recognised by the Career Development Institute and British Psychological Society

Young People’s Career Support 12+

We offer top quality careers guidance for young people from the age of 12 – helping them to consider and identify the different career paths and study options available to them and enabling them to make accurate and informed choices. For those 15+ they would benefit from taking our Psychometric Careers Profiling Assessment, which identifies suitable careers paths and job choices and identifies the most suitable learning approach for them, whether it is academic or work based. They are provided with a detailed profile booklet which will really help provider’s and employers identify that they are really suited to their course or job and easy to use on-line resources to research job areas and labour market information for on-going career management.
With high study costs – this investment will be worth its weight in Gold!

This is a totally effective assessment for young people (15+) or adults will enable you to find your dream job!

Assessing your career, personality and interests and then matching these to suitable job areas, it also takes into account your:

* General reasoning: your way of dealing with new problems

* Verbal ability: your understanding of the meaning of everyday words

* Numerical ability: how you deal with numerical information

* Perceptual Ability: how you interpret diagrams

* Spatial ability: recognises how good you at visualizing things in three dimensions

* Mechanical ability: recognises your understanding of simple mechanical ideas

It’s not an exam and you don’t need to do anything to prepare and it only will take a half a day to complete

This is not a 15 min tick test and its not an exam, it’s a scientific psychometric assessment and it doesn’t’ require any preparation – as it measures your brains perceptions.

On completion learners will be provided with:

A detailed report booklet with suitable career/job suggestions and an understanding of why you have been matched to these job areas (excellent to take to interviews).

Information identifying your preferred learning styles and course choices, with careers and labour market information

Membership to a professional website – with online access to your reports, plans and notes, along with careers information and planning resources to research your identified jobs areas as well as suitable training routes and courses available (if applicable)

Feedback is recommended and follow-up sessions can also be included in the package

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