Efficient and personal service!

             Very friendly, professional, efficient and personal service! 

Deidre Pembroke

It helped me realise what my strengths are

I came to Licence to Success as I was struggling to figure out what career path I should take and and most importantly what would really make me happy.  Often after graduating you feel like you should already know what you want to do.  I feel there is a big cultural pressure to be expected to already have a successful career in your late 20s, early 30s.    

By talking to Jan and taking the Morrisby Profile test it helped me realise what my strengths are it has given me a step by step approach in how to move forward.  Looking at the test, it gave me a great boost of confidence as I found out I’m well rounded in all of my abilities and there are a number of jobs I would be suited to.  It helped me understand why I have been a bit indecisive in the past about choosing a pathway.    Now after having a one on one meeting and discussing the results I now know I have lots of opportunities and am really positive about the future.  I really recommend Licence to Success for anyone that is struggling to figure out what they want to do and what will make them happy.

Jennifer Yarnton
Adult - Career focus

It Feels like a second chance to get it right & I fully intend to explore & follow my dreams!!

“Dear Sonia and Jan,
I love my profile and wanted to say a huge thank you for the service I received from Licence to Success. My profile held a few surprises but really helped me understand myself and the way I learn and really demonstrated to me exactly why I have bounced from job to job during my life so far. As a 34 year old I can fully express my belief that it would have been fantastic to have had a Morrisby profile whilst at school to have found the right path earlier in my life. That said, my profile and your excellent feedback feels like a second chance to get it right and I fully intend to explore and follow my dreams!! I haven’t felt this energised and motivated for a very long time. To anyone who feels stuck, is drifting, fed-up or maybe looking for a new challenge, the Morrisby profiling service delivered by Licence to Success will not only open your eyes, it will open your mind to the possibilities of, not just a career you will love, but a life you’ll love. Thank you!!”

C.J. Stevens
Adult - Career change

Can’t thank Jan enough

Can’t thank Jan enough- Jan was excellent. Very professional and knowledgeable. This process completely changed my daughter, she went from being very confused about university to then knowing not only the degree she will take but also her career path. 

Sarah Aboukhatwa


 Looking forward to my future.

I was at a crossroads before I met Jan, I wanted a career not just a day-to-day job, but I couldn’t find the help I needed. Licence to Success was recommended to me and after Jan’s assessment I was able to identify the type of job areas that I would be most suited to. Jan helped me find work experience in a top Hotel in Central London and after a short interview I was accepted as a volunteer. I worked hard for four months and was then offered three different jobs at different hotels. I have now been working at ‘Lincoln’s inn Fields Hotel’ for 6 months now and am looking forward to my future.

Paul Michael Wylie
Adult - Career change

I was so impressed with the service

I was so impressed with the service that my stepbrother and I received from Jan. She was really friendly and helpful. I really felt that she went the extra mile to ensure that we both fully understood our test results. With regards to the test itself, I found it actually quite fun! The results were a little surprising but in a good way. Now that I have taken the test I have a clearer idea of the types of career I would be interested in. I would really recommend taking the Morrisby Test even if you have a clear view of what it is you would like to do. Thanks Jan :)!

Alice Brown
University Student

Both our organisations work well together

Jan’s dedication to helping young people and finding solutions by not accepting average performance from service partners is a fundamental reason both our organisations work well together. Her support and experience have been key to development of our NEET programme offer.

The Learning Shop
The Learning Shop www.learningshopbluewater.co.uk

…a tremendous asset to partnership

I worked with Jan for over 2 years and she has been a tremendous asset to partnership working in North West Kent. Jan was Chair and Vice Chair of the Local Children’s Trust Board in Gravesham and really supported the concept of working collaboratively in supporting Children and Young People in kent. I have always found Jan to be reliable and passionate about the work she does, and is totally committed to achieving positive outcomes for families. Jan is an excellent team player and a natural leader and I would relish the chance to work with her again.

James Harman – Kent County Council
Kent County Council www.kent.gov.uk

One of the best recruitment professionals

LTS really took the time to understand my business and recruitment needs. They provided me with advice and support and accurately short-listed a high quality selection of candidates for our team.They are one of the best recruitment professionals that I have come across and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other businesses.

Action Coach
Action Coach www.actioncoach.com