“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” (Joe Sabah) 

Education Choices

Choosing which course options are right for you can be confusing and yet it is so very important, as you are making future life-changing decisions. It’s important that you research and are clear about your education choices and it’s why we can help you with the options you will excel in and achieve your full education potential and career success. 


For those 12+:  When it comes to making education choices a comprehensive Careers Guidance Interview can help you identify your strengths and explore the type of course options that matches to your preferred learning styles, personality type and interest areas.


For those 15+: whether you are in School, Academy, College or University we really recommend you complete our Careers Profiling Assessment – see (Profiling your future). We can help you understand the types of career options that will suit your skills, abilities, personality, as well as understanding your preferred learning preferences and why you are suited to this type of learning.


You will also be provided with a detailed report book that you can take to educational or work interviews and unlimited on line resources – including:


Bullt Points  Action plan notes

Bullt Points  Your Psychometric Report

Bullt Points  Course Finder

Bullt Points  Job Finder – with job suggestions


Labour Market Information (covering – job statistics, salary expectations, gender specific)
For more information contact:info@licencetosuccess.co.uk